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Transforming Ideas into Assets

A Passion For Technology and the law

Fountainhead attorneys are passionate about technology and IP law.  Our team thrives on the challenge of working with the most complex technologies and developing IP strategies to optimize the value of innovations in a business environment.

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Focus

As a pre-eminent boutique IP law firm based in Silicon Valley, we specialize in counseling high tech companies with a focus on computer science and electrical engineering disciplines.  Fountainhead attorneys have years of legal and industrial experience in the following technologies:

Analog Circuits and Systems

Databases & Data Warehouses

Wireless Communication Systems and RF

Enterprise Software Applications
Digital Circuits and Systems Service Oriented Architectures
Networking Web Based Applications
Semiconductor Process Technologies Data Processing Algorithms
Electro-Mechanical Systems Mobile Applications
Electronic Manufacturing and Packaging Audio/Video Systems & Applications
Data Processors – μP, μC, and DSPs GPS and Positioning Systems

Intellectual Property Expertise

Fountainhead attorneys have counseled technology companies on a range of IP issues from patent acquisition, technology transactions, and litigation to trade secrets and complex contractual disputes.  Our particular expertise lies in evaluating complex technologies, understanding how each innovation fits in the larger strategic plan of the organization, and developing legal strategies for protecting and commercializing IP assets.  Our attorneys have extensive legal expertise in patents, trademarks, trade secrets, offensive and defensive litigation, and complex technology transactions as well as years of practical industry experience that is harnessed to maximize the return on research and development investments and create a synergistic relationship between a company’s IP strategy and the surrounding business environment.

Personalized “Face to Face” Service for Comprehensive Transfer of Information

From front line engineers and computer scientists to senior executives, technology officers, or in-house attorneys, Fountainhead attorneys work diligently with your team to understand your organization’s goals and strategic technology objectives.  Our clients include start-ups, middle-sized companies, and multinational corporations engaged in research and development of state-of-the-art electronic and computer based innovations, each having their own special counseling needs and unique market requirements.  Our IP strategies are customized to transform your IP from concepts into legal rights and then into strategic business assets.

Conveniently located in the heart of Silicon Valley, we work as trusted local advisors and responsive counselors to our clients to deliver personalized world-class patent and legal services in a cost efficient manner.  Our “face to face” approach ensures a comprehensive and efficient transfer of technical and business information between client and attorney.  Our modus operandi is always to be selective in the work we take on, taking the time necessary to thoughtfully and carefully craft the most appropriate and value-added IP legal strategy.  Always on the forefront of the evolving legal, business, and technology climate, you can count on us to deliver the most current, comprehensive solutions to distinct legal, business, and technical challenges, delivering an IP strategy at its fullest and most profitable potential.


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