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Litigation Support
Technology Transactions

When it comes to protecting advanced technologies, Fountainhead Law Group is best-in-class.  Our attorneys have crafted thousands of carefully constructed patents over their careers.  Our team includes insightful attorneys and technical experts with advanced technical degrees, coupled with years of industry experience in their respective fields.  Our extensive scientific and engineering abilities and real-world experience allow us to provide the highest quality and broadest scope of patent services from patent counseling to patent prosecution, within a budget suitable to your needs and tailored to maximize quality.  Through strategic guidance, we apply the most significant potential value to each patent by thoroughly understanding both the technology and the unique business application and objectives.  Our litigation experience is infused into every patent from its inception with our commitment to creating the strongest possible patent.  Every patent application is crafted with maximum strategic scope and with an eye towards withstanding the rigors and scrutiny of litigation.













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