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Fountainhead’s Attorneys Are Experts At Providing Cost-Effective IP Programs And Solutions

As your company has scaled and changed, so too have your needs for IP solutions. Whether you are faced with IP attacks from adversaries, questioning the cost and value of services you’ve been getting from BIGLAW, or looking to streamline your processes and hone your IP strategy, Fountainhead can help.

Our attorneys have experience building and running in-house IP departments and/or working collaboratively with in-house attorneys to manage and support a wide variety of IP department functions.

With our “Outsourced IP Solutions,” we offer some or all of the following services:

  • Work with inventors to patent innovations.
  • Host patent Harvesting & Training sessions to help engineers and developers identify candidate patent applications critical to supporting corporate goals.
  • Host Trademark Harvesting & Training sessions to help Marketing and Sales personnel identify candidate Trademarks to support the company’s branding efforts.
  • Set up an internal process for managing the Patent and Trademark process.
  • Review inbound and outbound agreements to ensure all IP rights are considered during regular business activity.
  • Perform Trade Secret audits and confidential information handling procedures to secure the company’s “crown jewels” and ensure compliance with third-party obligations.
  • Manage disputes, coordinate responses, and drive successful strategies relating to IP issues.
  • Seconde Services – have an experienced IP attorney in your office or “on call” one (1) or more days a week or on an as-needed basis.
  • Provide management and reporting functions to keep C-Levels informed on all aspects of their IP portfolio and activity.

Outsource your Intellectual
Property (IP) Department

Let Fountainhead develop and run a cost-effective IP department for you so you can focus your headcount on mission critical functions.

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Ensenta, Inc. (acquired by Private Equity fund)

After linking Ensenta’s core technology innovations to its target market space, Fountainhead successfully navigated Ensenta’s patents through the Patent Office to protect their innovations and markets. Over the years, Fountainhead worked with Ensenta to successfully fend off IP attacks from competitors. These efforts culminated in a successful exit when the company was sold to a private equity firm.


Power Analog Microelectronics (acquired by Diodes Inc.)

Power Analog Microelectronics (PAM) was a multinational analog and mixed signal startup. Fountainhead’s expertise in analog, mixed signal, and global IP strategy helped PAM to build a comprehensive IP program to support their global marketing efforts, leading to a successful acquisition by Diodes Inc.


Summit Microelectronics (acquired by Qualcomm Inc.)

Summit’s battery charging technology changed the world. When Summit invented a charging algorithm that reduced battery charge time by orders of magnitude (“TurboCharge”), they turned to Fountainhead to protect these vital IP assets. Knowing that companies around the world would stop at nothing to “design around” Summit’s innovations, Fountainhead worked with Summit engineers to craft numerous claim strategies to make their IP as impregnable as possible. Summit was later sold to Qualcomm for hundreds of millions of dollars based in large part on their IP portfolio, portions of which was later asserted against Apple.


SAP is a global leader in business process software. Since the seminal Supreme Court case of Alice Corp. v CLS Bank, which significantly raised the bar for patenting business process software patents, protecting these key IP assets has been no easy task. For almost two decades, Fountainhead Law has worked with SAP to lead the field in patenting business process software patents, having successfully obtained hundreds of valid and granted patents for SAP and other clients in this nuanced and challenging technology space.


When wireless titan Qualcomm launched its seminal patent lawsuit against Apple, from over 200,000 patents in their arsenal, they selected just 12 patents deemed capable of withstanding the rigors of Apple’s rigorous patent defenses. Fountainhead Law proudly prosecuted two (2) of the selected 12 Qualcomm patents, contributing to Qualcomm’s favorable settlement with Apple of this epic patent battle.

Software Systems​

When Microsoft’s new CEO, Satya Nadella, set out to transform Microsoft’s strategic vision, the legal team turned to Fountainhead’s broad range of expertise in software, hardware, AI, and other technologies to protect the new technology areas that Microsoft was venturing into. Fountainhead has helped Microsoft preserve the wealth of innovations along their technology roadmaps from software to AI and spanning both the analog and digital semiconductor worlds.